Sunday School

Our Sunday school is very organized. Classes are taught by dedicated and caring teachers. Our worship choir comprises of young and old, encouraging all to praise and worship, as it is pleasing to the Lord. 

Youth Ministry

We have an active youth program in our church, addressing the many issues our young people face in this city. Although we make it entertaining and interesting for all, the gospel and its values are upheld beyond any cultural norms. Our commitment and prayer are that this endeavor should spread light and strength to our future generations as they may have to walk dark alleys along the way.  

Women’s Ministry

The Women’s Ministry at Calvary Faith Tabernacle is here to enrich the lives of women of all ages through relationships with one another. We build each other up, encourage one another and care for each other. Our primary focus is:

To enable women to develop a deeper prayer life;

To raise up women as godly leaders;

To teach women to base their entire lives on the Word of God

Men’s Ministry

The Men’s Ministry at Calvary Faith Tabernacle is here to build up strong men in Christ through our relationships with each other.  We want to raise up a generation of men who have strong faith and have a desire to be close with the Lord. 

Outreach Ministry

The goal of Community Outreach at Calvary Faith Tabernacle is to exalt God and make a positive impact in our communities for the kingdom. We desire to both declare and demonstrate the love of Jesus Christ by providing practical support and acts of service for our neighbors and other local communities in need. Community Outreach at Calvary Faith Tabernacle should provide opportunities for all in the church body to be meaningfully involved in service and evangelism in our communities.